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Fire Damage

Do you have a loss due to a fire, as your professional Miami Public Adjusters we will help get your claim settled. 

We handle the hours of emails, phone calls and document requirements to get your fire damage claim resolved as quickly as possible. 

Call us now to help you with your Fire damage claim. 

We work only for the Public we do not work for insurance companies. If you have a fire, the best time to call us before you have spoken to your insurance company. 

At Icon Insurance Claims Advisors, we often look into the claims of homeowners who have incurred partial losses due to fire damage. 

Each of our professional staff members works only for policyholders, not for the insurance companies.

Our only interest is making sure you get the maximum settlement.


Contact us for more information and let a Public Adjusters Florida help you.


Icon Insurance Claims Advisors Public Adjusters in Miami.

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The Best Public Adjusting in Miami, Publ
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